Oxford University: Conference on creativity and prayer in 20th Century Russian Orthodoxy Posted on 2 March 2019    0 Comments;

„Unfading Light. Creativity and Prayer in 20th Century Russian Orthodoxy” is the title of a conference organized by Oxford Universityon March 7-8, 2019.

The conference aims to explore the divergent progressions of thought form late 19th century Russian ‘traditionalism’ towards a (re)discovery of the universal dimension of the Christianity of the Fathers in the 20th century; from the narrow constraints of the Russian Academy to an openness towards some more fertile currents of Western thought; from a Russian ‘fin de siècle’ fascination with non-Christian oriental mysticism to Eastern Orthodox hypostatic prayer within an ascesis of deified personhood.

Among the confirmed speakers are Dr Rowan Williams, Metropolitan Kallistos Ware, Prof Andrew Louth, Prof Alexander Lingas, Sr Teresa Obolevitch, Dr Christoph Schneider, Dr Regula Zwahlen. The conference will include a concert and exhibition that seek to illustrate the principal theological themes.

The conference is hosted by Wolfson College.

Foto credit: Public domain


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