It is 70 years since the death of the reknown Russian philosopher, Nicholas Berdyaev.

On March 24 1948, at the writing desk in his home, later termed the Berdyaev Residence at Clamart, reposed
to the Lord one of the most brilliant representatives of the Russian Religious thought of the XX Century.

Since then, the clergy and laity of of the Western European Exarchate (the later Korsun eparchy) of
the Russian Orthodox Church oversee not only the house of Berdyaev, his burial plot in the municipal cemetery
in Clamart, his personal library now a museum in his honour, but they also continue to pray for the peaceful rest
of this great son of his great Fatherland, and they likewise strongly support efforts at the popularisation of
Berdyaev’s thought (which the philosopher himself termed the “Philosophy of Spirit”) both in France and

On the day of the 70th Year Repose to the Lord of Nicholas Berdyaev, 24 March (Saturday), in his parish —
the Three Saints Cathedral church in Paris, after the Divine Liturgy will be conducted a panikhida memorial
service [in his memory], and at 12:30 — a service of memorial prayers at the grave of the Russian philosopher
in the municipal cemetery in Clamart (Cimitière communal, 26 Avenue du Bois Tardieu, Clamart).


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